Work It Out: Cell Phone Hygiene At The Gym

Cell Phones Used At The Gym Can Spread Infections

If you’re like the millions of people around the world, you hit the gym for results. Whether it’s the desire to take or keep off pounds, build muscles or for the awesome cardiovascular benefits, exercise is one of the best ways to keep healthy and reduce stress. But can using a cell phone at the gym be harmful to your health?

It’s been well documented that that fitness clubs and work out equipment are generally loaded with germs, and health experts suggest wiping down equipment, work out balls, and yoga mats after every use.

But another piece of workout equipment that is increasingly popular in gyms has been ignored by hygiene experts until now, and that’s cell phones and smartphones. The technology innovations of cell phones and smartphones allows gym goers more ways than ever to keep track of their workouts, listen to music, or chat with a friend while on the treadmill.

As a result, more gym goers are using their cell phones during a workout and virulent bacteria that often gathers on the equipment is transferred to their phones which later comes in contact with the face.
If your cell phone follows you to your workout, the benefits of good exercise may be outweighed by the risks of infection. To maintain a clean bill of health after a sweaty exercise routine, gym goers are strongly encouraged to clean their cell phone or smartphone after use at a fitness club.

By cleaning a cell phone that was used at the gym, workout buffs are reducing their exposure to new health risks that can cause acne or rashes on the face, or worse, a staph or MRSA infection which can be deadly.

While it won’t make your workout any easier, wiping down your cell phone after use at the gym is sure to prevent trips to the doctors and various infections that can be transferred by your cell phone.

Tell us gym goers, how does your phone factor into your workout routine?  You likely wash your hands and shower right after a workout, but do you ever clean the cell phone you used during your exercise?


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