Keeping Family Cell Phones Clean

Moms are truly ringmasters, whether it’s remembering ballet or soccer schedules, dinner parties or date night with the hubby, today’s multi-tasking moms juggle a lot to keep the show running. At the top of mom’s to-do list is keeping their family healthy and germ free. We all remember our own mother’s mantra of “wash your hands” and moms today are no different. Now there’s one more thing savvy moms need to keep clean and that’s the family’s cell phones.  Most modern families have at least one cell phone or smartphone per member and odds are they’ve all gone unwashed until now.

Research has shown that an average cell phone, from all the use it gets throughout the day, can accumulate more germs and bacteria than a public toilet seat, a pretty disgusting fact when you consider the various places our cell phones go, including the kitchen and the dinner table. Doctors have said cell phone hygiene ranks right up there with hand hygiene, meaning if you’re washing your hands, you should be doing the same with your cell phone.

Knowing that your little ones might use your cell phone as a teething tool, and your teens are likely glued to their 24/7, it seems like a no-brainer not to keep the entire family’s phones clean and germ free.

Sadly there‘s no app for cleaning your cell phone, but the solution is almost as easy. Doctors recommend at the end of the day, giving your cell phone a good cleaning with an anti-bacterial agent. By doing so you’ll help remove bacteria buildup on your phone, eradicating potentially harmful germs that threaten the whole family.

We all know, the show must go on. By wiping down the family’s cell phones every now and then you’ll make sure the cast and crew never miss a beat.

Tell us Moms, what apps make your life easier? What’s your recommendation for an app that reminds you to clean all the mobile phones in your home?


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