Doctors: Get The 411 On Your Cell Phone

A widespread pandemic is spreading in hospitals.

Visit any hospital and you’ll see not just patients, but doctors and nurses talking, texting and emailing on their cell phones.

There was a time when medical professionals frowned upon the use of mobile phones in hospitals, worrying it would detract from patient care or interfere with various devices, but today it’s simply the norm.

In fact, mobile usage by medical professionals is on a tremendous rise as over 1,500 medical apps for smartphone help doctors stay connected to colleagues, families, or vital patient information.

A cell phone is a vital tool for any doctor or nurse . But while a great electronic innovation, as a personal item research has shown it is among the most bacteria infested surface we come in contact with every day. The health risks to medical professionals using cell phones next to their face and next to patients is among the greatest due to the environment in which they work, namely hospitals, medical facilities, and in the field.

The virulent germs that build up on common cell phones, which include Staphylococcus aureus, is harmful to everyone but especially to patients with diminished immune systems. It's obvious using an unclean cell phone can also significantly increase the risk of noscomial infections. By keeping cell phones and smartphones clean, Doctors and medical staff can improve patient health and hygiene while utilizing the latest technology in their practice.

As a medical professional, how does your cell phone enhance your practice? What’s the one feature you can’t live without? Do you think hospitals should mandate cell phone cleaning for staff?

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